Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Backstage photos

This year our christmas play was the Christmas Carol. :) We made some mistakes during the long-long performace but it was pretty good.
By the way I found my hairpins but not my socks.

"Sign it here!"

My favourite picture with Dani

Tiny Tim


Cause we're together.

Find the mistake! xD

Black and white

Evi <3 and my "poor dress" 

Favourite cap


Hahahaha : D <3

I think it's a great picture!

Two gentle(wo)men and Dóri

When Bálind did shut up... 


Fáncsy's leg
Scrooge and Jenkins

"Ági, make another! Make it!!!"

Thanks, Viktor that you're in the middle of the photo... : D 

It's such a great photo...

so is it!

I love the colour of your dress, D

Fell in love with this dress

Dirrrrry mirror

"Attila? Who's Attila?"

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