Saturday, January 10, 2015

Some great family memos of my drawer

my grandpa with our dog and bunny some years ago

mini me, my cousin and my godfather

in our garden (i was about 3)


my stylish mom

i was takin' selfies before it was cool... and i also thoght that brown hair was better than blonde (i was about13)

i swear that was an amazing fish tank! :D

we were young and we needed the money

under the table with my cousin and i was eating of course 


i think i wished for another barbie or smg

my mom

my godmother
kinda' strange that she wore this outfit when she was about 4 and i still dress like this

my mom in my great-grandparents' garden

my grandma when she was 1
as you see in my family ladies wear bows! :)

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