Sunday, February 8, 2015

I decided to go and make it

i got these kind of texts every day before my last anatomy exam but this was the point when i decided to make it 'cause i didn't want to disappont anybody 

anatomy exam before party without any make up on - my beautyful skin ;)
i didn't use photoshop, this is also me and it shows that stress always finds a way!

anatomy after  @dóm cukrászda

hometown early bird  @zagyva part, szolnok

i got an english bible from the usa and it looks stunning

london loving day

i'm a lil' bear, a my chemical romance fanatic one :)  @tik

party selfies with csicsi

go pro  @jancsó miklós kollégium 

csicsi, me, leti, bogi

can not miss this dress  @retro club, szeged

i simply love this one, i only need one more person in it and it could be my "me and my best girlz from the med school" pic

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